Standard Cargo Trailers

Unique Trailers For Cargo

These unique trailers were first built in the late '80s but were never marketed to the public. Due to the increased interest in their unique style and design, we decided to build and market a unique motorcycle trailer. These trailers offer large storage capacity, easy towing, durability PLUS eye-catching style!

The "Horse" theme trailers have been an eye-catcher since the late '80s. Our trailers look great with any customized graphics such as Eagle, Patriotic, or owner's imagination! Customized graphics make our trailers even more "unique." For more information, please contact us.

Dimensions/ Specifications:

Dimensions/ Specifications:
Overall Length (with tongue)75"
Body Length45.5"
Body Width (with tires & fenders)37"
Body Height31.5"
Trailer Height w/Lid from ground41"
Tongue Length27"
Trailer (Total) Weight220#
Trailer Tongue Weight25#
Storage Capacity (Cubic ft & lbs)800#

Axle Inside Dimensions: (44.5" Length; 26.5" Depth; 24" Width)

Approx. 22 cubic feet storage - with lid

Suspension - Independent Torsion Bar

Tires - 6 Ply - 4.80x8", 4 hole

WE RECOMMEND at least 650CC scooter/motorcycle or larger to tow the Standard WAGS Cargo & Pet Trailers!

Base Price $5,395.00

Paint Ready (White Gel Coat Only)

Standard Cargo Trailer Includes

  • White Gel Coat
  • Stainless Steel Tongue
  • Stainless Steel Bumper
  • Spare Tire
  • Mud Flaps
  • Interior Carpet
  • License Plate Holder & Light
  • (4) LED Marker Lights
  • 1-Year Warranty

Available Options:


Matching Paint Colors starting at $1,020.00

(Price varies with the cost of special paint colors)


Tri-color paints starting at $1,220.00

(Price varies with the cost of special paint colors)


Graphics Starting at $285.00

(Horse, Eagle or Custom Design)


REAL "HORSE" Tail $200.00

(available colors: Black, Brown, White, Gray, Mottled)


Cooler Rack w/Cooler & Cover $295.00


Luggage Rack with 21"Drop-Bottom Duffel $285.00

(Water Resistant, Zip-Around Drop-Bottom Cargo Compartment, Hard Shell, Skate Wheels, Retractable Handle)


15" Red LED Light Bar (running & brake light) $75.00

Plus 2 amber LED lights on fenders - 1 each side


Snap-On Bra $75.00

(Embroidery Available)


Chrome Tongue Stand $75.00

Red pet trailer

Interior Dome Light $25.00


Mount Spare Tire Under Trailer $25.00


Shipping/Crating prices vary (according to distance from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)