Read What Our Clients Say About Our Pet and Cargo Trailers

Hi Keith
Overall I’m very happy with it and my service dog is now on a diet because he fits but doesn’t have much room to move around lol.
We’re still in the training stage with him and the trailer.
Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. I really appreciate it.

Thank you,

July - 2020
Angela Gante-Ramsey
Altoona, IA

Pictures from at the rally, at our friends home is Hot Springs, and in our driveway at home in Selden Kansas with its first cargo load, a horse head. We do hope to paint it to look like a small horse trailer.

July - 2017
Rick & Renee
Selden, KS

2017 Trailer winner at the 3 Wheeler Rally in Deadwood, SD

Everything is working well, dogs love to go!

May - 2018
Gary Burtoft
Bloomfield, KY

Hi, guys 🙂

So we finally took our Wags trailer on the road... straight to Sturgis!

We got soooo much positive attention, must have dropped your company name a thousand times, must have let a thousand people take a picture of our trailer.

It was a hoot, we love it, and we thank you.

September - 2017
Jim & Rene'
Yakima, WA

Hello Keith and Teresa,

I received the trailer in excellent condition.

Hildi, my German Shepard Dog service dog and Koty my wife’s labradoodle fit very comfortably in the large trailer. Thanks for your help in deciding which trailer is best for my needs. When the trailer arrived both dogs were eager to jump in and give it a try. We took a ride to get the dogs used to being in the trailer and they loved it right from the start. Now every time I go into the garage, Hildi goes straight to the trailer and wants to jump in!

The trailer is a big hit with all of my HOG friends and my co-workers, all 60 of them, stopped what they were working on and headed to the parking lot just to see the trailer hooked up to my motorcycle with Hildi in it.

Now that I’m retiring at the end of the year, Hildi, my wife and her dog and I will be taking some fun trips together ( as Oregon weather allows).

Thanks for a great trailer!

December - 2-18
Andre Bjornskov
Tigard, OR

Hello Keith,

We have been very busy and are just now catching up on all our emails.

We received the trailer with no damage and have taken it out several times with the dogs. They love it, especially since we added a portable cooling system.

I do like the trailer and we have been giving interested people your name.

Thank you for checking in with us.

July - 2017
Wayne and Nancy
Johnson City, TX

Hi Teresa, we love the trailer and your Keith (our new brother-in-law).

Keith & Mary Archer
Dallas, TX

Deuce is diggin his new ride! Thanks for a great product and allowing me to get back on my bike and still have my service dog with me!

March - 2017
David Halen
Livermore, CA

Jorjaloves the trailer, hauls like a dream. We drove through very high winds today and had no problems. I should have had Keith leave some business cards, everyone is asking about it. If you want to send me some feel free. You may use me for a reference if anyone wants ask a trailer owner about them.

June - 2016
Tamara McKenzie
Weidman, MI

Yes, I Picked it up today. It is beautiful. I have not got it all the way out of the crate yet because it got dark before I could finish unpacking it. I think I will use the packing crate for keeping it out of the weather. All I have to do is put a good coat of paint on the outside to make it waterproof and it will make nice little garage to keep the trailer in. Thanks again for everything.--------------

October - 2016
Chad & Evelyn
Fairview, NC

Took Princess for a ride today. She likes it back there. When I got home, she kept trying to get back in. I have had a few comments on it. I like it. Might get a few more trailer request already.
Looks good and handles well.

April - 2016
John Stamp
Canton, SD

To anyone who is unsure if their dog will like this trailer. I have a 79 lb (hairy chicken) Rottweiler named Staysha who is afraid of her own shadow, who got car sick for the first six months. I was certain she would not like this trailer but decided to buy it anyway because we don't like leaving her all day when we are gone on the bike. We started out letting her get use to it in the garage (just laying in it) then, we took her on her first ride. My husband and I was totally shocked, "she loved it."

We have a Harley Ultra Classic which has no problem pulling the trailer, we just got back from N.C. and you wouldn't even know the trailer was back there, it tracks right behind the bike, loaded with cargo, dog or empty, we have tried it all.

If anyone would like to contact us with any other questions you can get our number off of Wags, we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. If you are like us, with this economy it seems like a big investment that you are not really sure of the outcome but fortunately for us, it was a good investment. We can take Staysha with us now, no matter if it is vacation or all day bike rides. No more worries of what we are going to do with the dog and i might add, it is great having her with us. Also, we have rode in high 90's ( we was miserable) but as for Staysha, her coat felt cool. We have the solar fan, top vent and side windows and it really does the trick, I recommend if you are going to get one of these trailers to spend the extra money and get everything you need on it.

June - 2011
Todd, Tammy and Staysha


We have had our WAGS for a month now and have enjoyed it very much. We always had the problem of what to do with our dogs when we go for rides. They would sleep while we were gone so they wanted to play when we got home and we wanted to go to bed! Now they get to come along and we are all tired when we get home. Our dogs love the "WAGS" trailer! When we are in the garage, Cooper will paw at the trailer--wanting to go for a ride, even if we don't want to. They like sitting in the trailer--just parked in the garage! We have a Honda Gold Wing and you can't even tell the trailer is behind the bike! We get looks from everyone driving down the road. We have gotten tons of "thumbs up" from people driving next to us.

THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT! If you have 4-legged loved ones you want to take with you---this is the way to go!

June - 2010
Tim and Tina Storrs - SHAKOPEE, MN


We have already taken a maiden voyage and "Roxy" did great! We are very pleased and happy we decided to purchase the "WAGS" Trailer and very appreciative how fast you guys built it and got it shipped to us. We have already been asked where we got it from! People that have pets are wondering how they can get their pet to go with them too!


May - 2010
Barbara, Sonny and Roxy Wingo - ADA, OK

We recently returned from an 1100-mile road trip with our new WAGS “PET” TRAILER! We sometimes camped when we had a good forecast. There was plenty of room for our camping gear along with our 2 Bichons! The temperature was in the 90’s, but due to the great air circulation inside the trailer, the dogs never seemed to get overheated. It is rare when we stop that there isn’t someone wanting to take pictures or just talk about the trailer and bikes. We have a lot of fun meeting new people and the dogs also seem to enjoy it!

Ron and Rosie Tetzloff - LAGRANGE, IN

We are very satisfied with the WAGS trailer--it is very well built and easy to tow! For me, I recommend the WAGS trailer is the best. I don't have any negative comments--it is the best!
Thank you.

October - 2009

We have been the extremely pleased owners of a WAGS pet trailer for the past couple of years. We have made several short trips with our cocker spaniel, Khoa. She was always a great traveler on the shorter trips (1000 miles to Florida and return, etc.); we just weren't sure how she would travel on an extended trip. Much to our delight, we have just returned from a 10 week trip to the west coast from Virginia Beach, VA, rode all the way down the Coast Highway (WA to CA) and then back across the US via a different route. Obviously, we rode many, many miles during the trip investigating and taking in all this beautiful country has to offer. Of course, Khoa was there with us---every mile (total = 8,800+ miles). Khoa was extremely comfortable (since we traveled July through September, we used a "Cool Vest" to keep her cool during the hottest days) and she obviously felt safe in her "mobile home". We experienced absolutely no problems with the WAGS trailer during the entire trip and, believe me, at every stop, we were inundated with curious and interested folks who just couldn't believe it was a "pet carrier"! Quite a conversation piece in addition to being practical. It holds not only the spare and a couple of tools in the event of a needed tire/wheel change, but also has plenty of room for Khoa's travel luggage! In the next couple of weeks we are off to Florida for the holidays and new year and can't wait to "hook up" Khoa's mobile home again! Our dog, Khoa, absolutely felt extremely safe and comfortable in her WAGS home on the road!

Thank you, WAGS Pet, for designing and building such a wonderful travel vehicle for our precious pet.

October - 2009

We just love our WAGS "Pet" trailer. We have a 4-year old female "Rottweiler", named ZENA!
She weighs approximately 95 lbs. I retired this year and I love motorcycle travel. The problem was we did not have any way to take Zena with us on trips. WAGS trailers solved that problem!
We followed Jeff & Carol's advise and introduced Zena to the trailer SLOWLY--short trips that included cheeseburgers and her favorite parks. Then we took the best trip we have ever taken--we towed Zena in the trailer for over 1400 miles. We traveled across Wisconsin into the upper peninsula of Michigan, then into Ontario to Sudbury, Ontario and back. Our experience with the WAGS trailer was terrific. The trailer tracks perfectly. Our dog loves the trailer and we love the trailer. Now Zena jumps in her trailer and we go for rides daily!

Thank you Jeff & Carol--you have a wonderful product--we would recommend it to anyone!

September - 2009

Check out the neat sign I had made for Sobey's Limo! Today we were on our first long distance ride with the "WAGS" trailer and with Sobey, our lab terrier. I can't tell you the attention we got on the ride--there was lots of interest from fellow riders, interested passerby’s and from the police that escorted the ride! Lots of pictures were taken, lots of questions were asked about the trailer--I'm sure in the days ahead we will receive lots of e-mails! I think you need to rename the WAGS to "The Attention Getter" lol, we sure got a lot of ATTENTION!

August - 2009

After finally finding a hitch for our 2007 Sportster, we love our "WAGS" trailer! Harleigh, our 9 month old yellow lab loves her new ride! She barks a little at take off, but then she settles in nicely. The trailer handles great behind the bike--hardly know it is there! We definitely would recommend this trailer to anyone! Harleigh and her cart get lots of attention wherever we go. Our whole experience dealing with Jeff & Carol from WAGS has been positive!

August - 2009

It was a pleasure working with WAGS TRAILERS--Jeff and Carol were very helpful through the process of buying the trailer. They kept me informed through the entire process of building the trailer. The trailer looks great and also handles great behind my Honda Goldwing Trike! I show it off to all my friends and any other bikers we come across. I would and have recommended to others if they are looking for a trailer to pull behind their bike/trike--LOOK NO FURTHER--BUY A "WAGS" TRAILER!

May - 2009


We have just returned from a 10-day trip to the East coast--took the long way around and now have a little more than 4,000 miles on the WAGS trailer. I must admit that I really do like the trailer!! It is good looking and (so far) trouble free. My dog did very well traveling in the WAGS, usually fell asleep after a few miles.

I am quite impressed with the torsion suspension--even on some of the worst roads, the trailer stayed on the ground. While towing the trailer, I had to keep checking my mirrors to make sure it was still there. My wife usually rides behind me on her bike and she tells me that it tracks very well with no sway on the road--even in uneven pavement. I would (and do) recommend this trailer to all who show interest--and does it ever attract interest! Forewarn all who purchase a "WAGS" to allow lots of time to explain to the many people who gather to "check it out". Your trip will take longer than expected!

Thank you for producing this fine prodcut--we will enjoy it for years to come!

October - 2008

Maxx and Charlie really enjoy riding! The WAGS trailer we bought extends our rides--going further and further from home on any given week-end--now we just take Maxx and Charlie with us! They love it!

They are already world travelers. They are King Charles Cavalier Spaniels that Lisa and myself got while we were assigned with the USAF in England. Now living in Virginia, Lisa and I began sight-seeing Northern Virginia by motorcycle. When we became "empty nesters", long trips were no longer an option short of putting the dogs in the kennel! The WAGS trailer provided the solution! We weren't satisfied placing Maxx and Charlie in the kennel. Now we simply take them with us! The trailer tracks beautifully behind our 2002 Goldwing 1800 and it is so light that I never notice any strain on the bike. When we're riding, we never fail to get smiles from the passing cars--especially from children! When we stop for gas or ice cream, we always seem to find ourselves in conversation from others who walk up to us interested in trailers themselves. WHAT FUN!! Thanks for a great product--see you on the road!

September - 2008

We (Corrine and myself love the trailer) Bombay and Malibu love it also. Malibu loves to bark at people when we stop at a stop light. We are the envy of Bikers in Arkansas and there are a lot of them in the resort area. It tows behind the trike perfect and as other owners have stated, you don't even know it is behind you. All the lights on it are a great attraction. We will promote your trailers where ever we may roam. Thank you for everything and building a product that is FIRST CLASS.

September - 2008

Tammy and I would like to thank WAGS for its fine service and the way it stood behind its great trailer. It is indeed a pleasure to work with honest individuals like you guys. It is so nice to have a lid that will latch closed with such ease. You do build a fine product and your service is second to none! Both on my way to Kansas City and back to Texas, I had folks gathering around my WAGS, offering praise and asking questions. It is indeed a beauty and a product you are entitled to take great pride in--both in producing and distributing! I plan to see how much Tory likes it this weekend. Again, thanks for all you did!

August - 2008

Great customer service at every phase of my purchase! Trailer is great, looks terrific, passer-bys love it and it handles great behind the bike. I recommend this trailer to everyone! My lab is slowly getting used to his new house!

June - 2008

We love our WAGS trailer---and MISS BUFFY, our West Highland white terrier is always ready to go! We have added chrome to the trailer around the windows, fenders and lid. When we stop for a break, everyone wants to see the trailer.
Miss Buffy just stretches out as if to say, "See how comfortable I am!" The trailer pulls beautifully and looks great with our trike!

May - 2008

We found one motorcycle pet trailer . .
Having ALL the features we could want,
And so we had one custom built . .
For our two little dogs in Vermont.

We have looked at many other styles . .
Have gotten ads, brochures and mailers,
But, NONE compared to the one we bought . .
From Jeff & Carol at "WAGS TRAILERS"!

With all of its' practical options . .
Our dogs now ride in complete style,
From the solar power vent and screened windows . .
You can almost see our dogs .... smile.

Whenever we head out to get on our bike . .
They let you know ... that they want to ride, Open the rear door of this spectacular rig . .
And they instantly hop right inside!!

APRIL - 2008

We love the trailer and our dog, "Hercules" loves it too! When we are riding, I have to keep looking back--I don't even know it is there--it tows so nice--great quality! Thank you!

APRIL - 2008

Second time this winter we've had a chance to take the trailer out with us. The first was a Toy Run here in Denver, CO with over 3000 bikes participating. The trailer was wrapped in gold ribbon with a bow on top and got rave reviews from many of the bikers here.
Yesterday we rode from Denver to Colorado Springs to the annual swap meet and took the trailer along for everyone to put their purchases in on the way home.
Plus as a bonus, it served as a storage place for helmets and jackets, etc. when we arrived there.
The trailer pulls smooth as silk and as others have testified on your site, you really do not know it is there. I ran up to 75 mph on I-25 and probably around 60 mph on several 2 lane roads coming back--the result was the same whether on a straight away or curve...didn't know it was there! Those following me even commented on the steadiness of the trailer coming and going.
Will definitely get pictures to you this upcoming season. Planning a trip to Yellowstone and Sturgis at the end of July and will be making a 2 week run to Kentucky this June. Our club members are already requesting for me to pull it this summer in the mountains so everyone can put their extra gear in it!


We really like our trailer. It looks good too! We get so many looks and a lot of conversation when we stop for gas. It handles real nice behind the bike.
You hardly know that is there. We drove from Michigan to Nova Scotia with no problems. Lucy, our chocolate Lab loves it! She is always happy to go with us!

JANUARY - 2008

We snowbird in AZ and ordered the WAGS trailer while we were in AZ. We appreciated all the time Carol spent with us while ordering the trailer! The trailer is a perfect match to our 105th Anniversary Harley Davidson! My husband likes the way it pulls. He doesn't even know its on the back. Annie (our Ridgeback Hound) jumped right in the first time. She lays right down and looks out the back window. The weather is still cool here so we are not sure about the cooling mat yet. You send us brochures and we put them in the clubhouse at our RV resort. We are the talk of the resort! Wherever we go, we get lots of stares and we have to plan more time for visiting with passer-byers.
I do wish the windows were a little bigger and I wish the back door opened from the outside---although I understand the safety features! Thanks!

JANUARY - 2008

Jeff, Carol & Staff,

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Ingrams in South Carolina and Best Wishes for a great2008! We are enjoying our WAGS trailer! It has over 10,000 miles and has proven to be fabulous equipment. When Jazz shares it with me, I use it for business travel--carrying part kits on service calls. It has made business much more pleasant being able to go on the bike and have everything with me!

Thanks again!


Dear Jeff & Carol,

Mike and I love our trailer for Joker, our 4 year old Staford-shire Terrier. We've always wanted to take spontaneous trips on our bikes but hated to leave Joker behind. We knew he wouldn't like being cooped-up in a small space, so we tempted him into the trailer with tiny little hamburger patties. Our initial trips were short with lots of rest stops to get him acquainted with the accommodations. We shouldn't have worried: Joker just curled up and napped while we were on the move.

I have the pleasure of riding the trailer bike, a 2003 Anniversary edition Harley Davidson dyna-low rider. It has plenty of power, but I've discovered that the trailer rides so smoothly that a lot of power isn't necessary: It's like pulling air! I am really impressed by the ease of handling in turns and on winding back-county roads. There appears to be no extra load when coming to a stop, either.

We are so pleased with our discovery of your Wags trailer that we have sent all our family and friends pictures via the Internet. We were planning on purchasing a custom sidecar, but I wasn't keen about losing the the maneuverability of leaning into turns. My husband, Mike, rides behind on his2007 Harley Screaming Eagle Springer and tells me the bike handles the ride like there is nothing there. We sure do get a lot of nice comments on your trailer. We would recommend it over a side car for pets any time. We feel our dog is comfortable and safe out of the wind and sun, and he can look out the windows whenever he wants to.

Thank you for your efficient delivery and purchase experience. We will get a lot of use out of this wonderful trailer!


We are the proud owners of a WAGS trailer. We have traveled about 2000 miles with our dog, Slate since we purchased our trailer in August, 07. Slate (the beagle pet hound) really enjoys his trailer. He loves to go and really enjoys the additional attention, of which he gets plenty, when we are on a ride! Whenever we stop for gas or a break, people always come over and comment on our trailer. One gentleman, after seeing what was in our trailer, said, "What a dogs life--Slate really has it made!"

We pull our WAGS trailer with our 1800 Goldwing Motor Trike. We have to remember the trailer is back there as it pulls so effortlessly and handles great--regardless of weather conditions. When pulling the trailer, we have noticed no increase in gas mileage.

We recommend if you ride a trike that you purchase the stone guards for the trailer. The fenders tend to take a beating especially here in Texas where we live. The roads get chip sealed on a regular basis & that is hard on the fenders. We would definitely recommend the WAGS trailer to anyone in need of a trailer regardless whether they need it for a pet or just cargo. It is a great trailer and extremely well built--not to mention CUTE!


We have now finished "outfitting" our WAGS trailer to ride behind our HD Ultra! You can see how we "decorated" the trailer on the pics in the WAGS photo gallery. Everything arrived in perfect condition. The fit and finish were better than expected.

We have taken several short "shake down" rides with our Labradoodle, "Banjo" and he seems to get along well. Whenever we walk up to the trailer we hear his tail "WAGGING" so he must be comfortable. He is a large dog--94 pounds, so he has abit of a problem getting in and out of the back door. He is getting better with practice at getting in and out by himself without bumping his knees, which is a good thing, because lifting him is no small feet (pun intended).

We can't believe how well it runs behind the bike. We live in the Appalachian Mountains and have not had any problems. Actually, we have so much fun going places as a "family" that we wish we had done something like this long before now!

Some of our friends have expressed an interest in coming back as our "dog" if reincarnation is an available option.

Thanks so much for your combined help in choosing the options and your patience in answering our many questions.

AUGUST - 2007

Harley and I just got back from our Minnesota State Rally in Duluth! And let me tell you, we couldn't park or get near our bike without someone stopping us to ask us about the WAGS trailer. Please send more business cards for our next trip. Everyone keeps asking where to find the trailers and other questions--it was exhausting! Harley had a blast and loves riding in it! He sticks his lil'head out the window when its nice out or we turn on the air we hooked up inside so he can ride in comfort! Thought I'd drop you a few lines and let you know how popular the WAGS trailer is!

JULY - 2007

We have had our "WAGS" for 2 years and traveled 17,000 miles with it. We use the trailer so much--I simply leave it hooked to the bike all the time! When we reach for our riding gear, Sophia races into the garage and waits for us by her trailer. She just loves to ride!

SOPHIE and her WAGS attract attention every time we stop and park. We have even had people jump out of their cars at stop lights to take pictures! So many bikers have asked us for information so I printed up some cards with WAGS information on them!

MARCH - 2007

Taco, Charro, Fajita & I went on our first long trip last weekend--11/11/06!The pups really enjoyed all the attention that the WAGS trailer brought. Many fellow riders have been looking for a safe/fun way to travel with their pets and they were so impressed with the WAGS! On Saturday we rode in strong crosswinds--the trailer never moved at all! It just kept tracking along behind the bike. The only time I noticed the trailer was when I looked in my rearview mirrors. I never once noticed any change in the way the bike handled pulling the WAGS!I got a lot of "thumbs up" from cars as they passed me. When we were stopped, people would want to know what was in the trailer. Of course, once I told them, they wanted to see the dogs and the comment was always--the obvious--the excellent quality of the trailer! I really love the trailer! I give the WAGS trailer an A+ recommendation to all who look at it!


"A picture is worth a thousand words." This photo was taken on day 10 after traveling 4330 miles--Sasha says thanks to "WAGS" and she has traveled in her trailer over 16,600 miles this year!


Motorcycle Pet Carrier

by Lori B. for web

I remember a long time ago when the automobile manufacturers would give away toy models of their new car line each fall. My brother had dozens and he probably wishes he still had them packed away in the attic because I'm sure they're valuable collector's items by now.

That marketing concept is still used now and again, because every once and a while I'll come across a toy, a model or a miniature of some product used for a display or as an attention-getter to attract potential buyers.

So when I first laid eyes on this Wags motorcycle pet carrier, I thought it was actually a miniature horse trailer that was designed for a display to maybe catch the attention of a passerby.

"Too cute" is an understatement for this little guy -- it's not a miniature horse trailer at all (unless, that is, you have a really, really miniature horse!) but a motorcycle pet carrier! At least that's what I'll call it. It can also be used as a motorcycle cargo trailer, but this version is specifically designed as a pet carrier.

Now I'm not sure if my pampered pets would be happy back there, but it's perfect for a motorcycle rider who can't be without their dog or cat, or maybe their lizard, snake or maybe even their pet parrot.

The Wags motorcycle pet carrier is not a toy -- in fact, it has excellent quality and is extremely well made, much better, actually, than many of the real horse trailers I've been looking at recently.

It's not inexpensive by any means, but it's available with the same options that can be found on the big boys; things like chrome wheels with cool-looking spinner hubcaps; stainless steel tongue and bumper; real sliding windows with screens that open for ventilation; top and side vents; a cooler (shown on the front of the carrier in these photos); different styles of rear doors and more.

You can even order a custom paint job to match your bike or -- get this -- a solar powered roof vent and fan!

The Wags motorcycle pet carrier can be custom ordered to fit different sized pets according to the customer's needs. The partition can either be left in place for storage for pet food or other gear, or the entire carrier can be used as a motorcycle cargo trailer instead.

The inside of the carrier is lined with insulation and carpeting and the bottom is covered with 2" of foam padding. The carpet is removable for cleaning.

The base price for the Wags motorcycle pet carrier is $3,095.00, which may seem steep, but like I said, this thing is built to last.

Hi you all up north! Just wanted to drop a short note to let you know that ourtrip to MN and around the Great Lakes was a great success and the "WAGS" trailerdid everything we needed it to do! It tracked well and from the way the bikehandled, we didn't even know it was back there. Many, many compliments and ofcourse people wanted to take pictures! One woman even shot a picture out of hercar window while she was going down the road next to us! We are very pleasedwith the trailer and know we will get a lot of use out of it in the future.Anyway, thanks again for being there and we love the trailer.

JULY 2006

On our first long ride (2000+ miles) using our new WAGS trailer, on one occasion found myself at over 100 mph while passing a long line of traffic. I didn't even notice the trailer was there until I saw it in my mirrors while pulling back into my lane and resuming normal (legal) speed. Later, on the way home, we hit a sudden white-out in the Utah Rockies. There was suddenly ice on the roadway of Interstate 15 and we were doing close to 80 mph around a curve in the highway. The trike went sideways, with Suzi and I aboard, but with quick automatic reactions, and a little use of throttle, I got us back into control. The trailer behaved itself completely throughout the whole incident.

Our boys have learned the difference between going "bye-bye" in the car and going for a "ride" in their trailer. They are anxious to go either way. They do lie down and sleep while traveling in the trailer. When we make a potty-break stop, Paul--our boxer, jumps out over the top while Pete--our Schnauzer mix, waits for us to open the rear door. After taking care of business, both of our boys are anxious to enter through the door to continue the ride.

Whether carrying luggage or our boys, our WAGS trailer is one of the best investments we've made in increasing our biking pleasure!

JUNE 2006

The schnauzers and I have been enjoying the pet trailer the last 2 weeks on vacation. We have logged over 2000 miles to Southern New Mexico, to the Aspen Cash Rally in Ruidoso, the opening of the Trail Ridge Road and over the top of Rocky Mountain National Park. We went to a poker run yesterday & even entered the trailer in the bike show at the run--didn't win anything but got quite a few votes!

The dogs love to go and they have been in 90 degree heat and found it better in the trailer than in the shade. It has trailed great and there have been no problems. It gets more attention than I am used to and the dogs love to go. I really enjoy and use the trailer and have put over 3000 miles since the purchase--it is very functional and the dogs can't get enough riding time!!

MAY 2006

We are proud new owners of our Wags trailer. Not only do we like taking our dog Chopper everywhere we go, she loves being the center of attention. The trailer is everything Jeff and Carol said it would be, and more. We have never had so many complete strangers talk to us everywhere we go. From a riders point of view, the trailer pulls effortlessly and it's very easy to forget it's back there. We had our concerns at first about cornering but find it to be no problem at all. The added options were installed professionally and the fit and finish of this trailer far exceeds industry standards. Above all, our now seven month old Rottweiler is safely joining our journeys and she loves it!!!

MARCH 2006

We are very glad we decided to buy the Wags Trailer and so are the two little girls, Sandy and Sally (our Cockers) that ride in it. They have enjoyed the trailer so much that when we get on our riding jackets, they are at the back door ready to go.

The Wags Trailer pulls like a dream. You don't even feel it behind you. We only have one problem with it. When we pull into a gas station, we have a hard time leaving because people keep coming to look at the trailer and the dogs like to show off their new travel accommodations. It is so much fun. We just wanted to say thanks for such a great trailer.


Our first trip of the season and of course I wanted to take our new WAGS "PET" trailer! Several of our friends thought with the weather, especially the wind, I should leave the trailer home. I can honestly say I could not tell it was there. It actually seemed to help steady the bike in the cross winds! Friends riding behind me commented on how nice the trailer traveled & handled.

I love the looks we get from people that pass us and the comments from the general public to fellow motorcyclists. With all of the options we added, I doubt there will be another WAGS trailer quite like ours! Many fellow riders have stated how nice and bright the trailer lights are, even during a bright, sunny afternoon.

Our dogs just love it--anytime we start getting our gear ready, they go straight for the door, their tails just a wagging and they are bouncing with excitement!

The only trouble (which only proves how dedicated WAGS is to customer service) was when the DEALER wired my bike wrong and my trailer lights would not work. You went out of your way to help me get it right!

MAY 2005

Great Trailer! Great Service!

APRIL 2005

I really like the trailer and the way it looks. It handles behind my 1500 Goldwing with a Voyager kit as if it weren't even there. Everyone comments on the color and how well it matches the bike. I haven't had a chance to take my little critters out for a ride yet. They have been placed in it while it is sitting still in the garage. They will get to go for a ride soon. I would recommend this trailer to friends or anyone who inquires about it.


I really enjoy my Wag's Unique Motorcycle Trailer. I enjoyed it when people turn their heads and then come over to see and talk about my trailer. Most folks are amazed to see how much room is inside the trailer.

I have transferred my horse trailer into The Panda Bear House. Four Panda bears ride inside the trailer with chairs, extra clothing and treats we may need. We're always ready for a party. (My C.B. handle is Lady Panda Bear)

I pull the Wag's Unique Trailer with my bike, a white Honda Gold Wing 1800cc with a Voyager Kit installed, the add on unit. I have to remind myself that I'm pulling a trailer, particularly when parking. I have also mastered the ability to back up my bike with the trailer attached.

I tell everyone that having a trailer is the best of all, especially when traveling. On rare occasions I let my husband ride my bike while the trailer is attached, even he is impressed.


The Wag's Trailer worked beautifully for our pets. Ginger and Molly love to ride and go on the bikes. They took right to the trailer and we used their noses/faces in the windows as a measure of their enjoyment. The faster we rode the less "face" we saw as we slowed the more "face" we saw. Our older dog is now able to stretch out and rest rather than be confined to a sitting position only on the back seat of the trike.

The trailer tows beautifully and handles well behind the trike. It tracks steady with no sway or wag affect. The only wag is in the name. We love it.


I purchased my Wag's Pet Trailer in September 2004, I have been very happy with the overall performance of the trailer. I have pulled the trailer from Ruidoso, NM to AZ and have been on several short trips here in Arizona. I have found that the trailer tracks extremely well behind my 2004 GL 1800. I think one of the best features is the lighting on the trailer; it stands out really outstanding at night.

I like the idea of having the top open. I found that when introducing our Rottie to the trailer, she was less hesitated to go inside. She was able to look over the top and did not seem to be concerned with being in the trailer. After the first short ride she felt comfortable enough to lie down.

I have shown and demonstrated the Wag's Pet Trailer to several members of our GWRRA Chapter. They all thought it was a great trailer to carry your pet with you. I would not hesitate to recommend the pet trailer for anyone that has a four legged friend that they want to take on trips with them.

The only change I would make to the trailer is on the rear door. I feel that some devices may be needed to hold the door tighter, so water and dust will not come into the trailer.


I am so glad that we went with our first choice. Your trailer handles like a dream. At whatever speed, the trailer follows with so little movement that you hardly know it is behind you. I've had a ton of compliments on the shape of my Wag's Trailer . I'll bet I've told thirty different bikers how to contact Jeff about buying their own. I know that you hear this all the time, but, this is one of the best trailers I have ever owned. Thanks Jeff and Carol for making such a "Great" trailer.